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I encourage you to learn more about me and my motivations by visiting some of the destinations
to which this webpage links. I have attempted to incorporate individuality into the design
of my Websites and hope that visitors will find my style refreshingly different.
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The graphic images on this webpage link directly to some of the projects in which Richard Parsons is
actively involved. The Internet Domain Naming system is fundamental to the way in which information is
categorised, on-line. My intention is to ensure that each domain under my control adds value. See: https://A4M.EU


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Richard will show you how to secure a website with SSL for FREE...!!! at
Let's Encrypt

(sometimes the SSL on a website will become misconfigured for a short time...
remember to revisit and use an independent website to check security...)

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My 'Free to Advertise' Website contains advertising links to some resources which I have found
useful in my quest for online success. The six emoticons on the banner above will be familiar to
those who frequent online fora. The idea is to effectively express one's emotions in a forum...!